Services of Viva Nails | Nail salon in Brentwood, TN 37027



Mini Manicure $30

Soak with warm mittens. Nails are shaped cuticle is genny pushed and trimmed. Followed by a soothing hand massage and polish.
* Children 10 & under include 2 fingers flower designs. Not included for a polish change *

Viva Manicure $35

Mini manicure is included and is followed win exfoliating and hot towel wrap, with repair cream to help dry skin.

Pampering Manicure $40

Mini manicure with longer neck massage 10 minutes.

Super Manicure $45

Full mini manicure with a sugar scrub and paraffin wax.

Shellac Manicure $50
Shellac Nails Polish only $30
Shellac Toes Polish only $35
Remove Shellac $5 Extra
French Shellac $5 Extra
X Gel Extension $70

Aprés Gel-X™ is the world's first soft gel nail extension system! Fast and easy to apply, Gel-X™ tips and Extend gel is manufactured from cutting-edge soft gel formulas for convenient soak-off capabilities. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails! Try Gel-XT™ as an alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard Gel extensions.



Mini Spa Pedicure $40

Soak in a bubbling spa bath to soothe tired feet, trim, file, cuticle, groom, heel scrub, massage, hot towels, and polish.
* Children 10 & under, include 2 free toe designs. Not included for a polish change. *

Viva Pedicure $48

A full mini spa with extra exfoliating helps remove flaky dry skin on the legs and feet.

Pampering Pedicure $53

Full mini spa with longer massage extra 10 minutes.

Super Pedicure $63

Full mini spa with exfoliating sea salt glow sea scrub and calluses removed Conditioning with marine masque followed with oil massage relieves the tension of your feet. Lastly, the paraffin wax will make your skin softer.
* Recommended for thick calluses to improve your feet in the long term. *

Pearl Pedicure $73

It's a 6-step Pedicure that starts with a soothing soak that relaxes and refreshes to relieve stress and aching muscles. Next, the pearl cleanser will foam into a rich and silky lather before rinsing off and the sugar scrub is applied to restore silky skin. The hydrating mask with leaving your feet feeling soft and fresh before the maternal massage cream will restore skin texture. Lastly, the Pearl Lotion paraffin wax will leave your skin softer and healthier.

Special Hands & Feet Massage (30 Mins) $50
Additional Services

Additional Services

Nail Polish Change $18
Nail Polish French $20
Toe Polish Change $20
Toe Polish French $25
Two Big Toes Repair $20 Extra
French w/any Service $7 Extra
Nail Removal $10 & Up
Paraffin Wax $10 Extra
Nail Repair $5 & Up
Nail Art $5 Each & Up
Artificial Enhancement

Artificial Enhancement

Color Acrylic F/S $70
Color Acrylic Fill $60
Solar Full Set $55

One of the best products. Soft pink helps to blend in well with your natural nail bed. Stays on longer & healthiest (less damage to your nail bed)

Solar Fill $40
Forever French Pink & White Solar Full Set $70

Also called "Permanent French". It's the most popular look. It's natural, clear, and shiny with no yellowing, drying, or chipping.

Forever French Pink & White Solar Fill $60
Acrylic Toes $65 | Fill $55
Pink & White $75 | Fill $65

Dipping Powder

New Set $55 & Up
New Set w/Tip $60 & Up
New Set of P&W $65 & Up


Eyebrows Wax $15
Lip $10
Chin $12 & up
Arms $40
Under Arms $30
Half Legs $40
Full Legs $60 & up
Bikini Line $45 & up
Brazilian Bikini $80
Whole Face $45